I am a Component Designer and in my design travels, I have witnessed a system of communication between different parts of the building industry that neither works effectively or efficiently. Because of this, it is costing ALL of us time and money. I don’t know if people are blind to this fact, are comfortably numb with doing business this way, or don’t think it will ever change. It really makes absolutely no sense to me. We live in a world where efficiency and time management are imperative for success in business. Why then do I see so much chaos in the communication process of our industry?  Architects, Engineers, Component Designers and Contractors all have their own way of doing things. This creates a world where everything has to be pieced together every time something is designed and built. I have never felt the architect/ building designer has had the component designer in mind when designing a home nor do I feel that contractors are concerned enough about  the use of components in the building process. I feel that we all work together so closely on every project, but no one worry’s about the process as a whole and how inefficient it has become. We all need to take the blinders off our eyes and start looking at the system of building as a whole and how whatever you contribute affects everything somehow.