Do you want it fast, good or cheap?

Can you expect to have all 3 at the same time?

The customer is always right, that’s what we have always been told. While this is truth in its purest form, we will need to live in reality. The customer always wants the cheapest price, with the highest quality, as fast as they can get it. This is kind of like going to a Mercedes dealership looking to pay for a Ford. Or maybe going to a fast food restaurant looking for health food. Better yet, expecting a package to be sent overnight mail at the cost of a single postage stamp.

Reality is, 2 of the 3 are possible. Do your salespeople know this? Are they over-promising? The worst thing a sales person can do is over-promise and under-deliver. The best thing a salesperson can do is under-promise and over-deliver. Credibility is either lost or gained based on the “promise”.

If the customer wants the product/service fast and good, it cannot be cheap. Quality and speed cost a little more and require more effort.

If the customer wants the product/service fast and cheap, it cannot be good. When we compromise price and deliver quicker, the quality drops.

If the customer wants the product/service cheap and good, it cannot be fast. When we want quality and affordability, speed is not possible.

Are your sales people over promising or over delivering? The answer to this simple question could explain your company growth (or lack thereof). The only way to really find out the truth to this question is to ask your customers.