You know you work too much when…

As a business owner, I find myself working at night, during the day, even having work-related dreams! You never know when that inspirational thought or idea will come to you. When it does, we have to act fast and write it down, or call a colleague to bounce it off of them. Sometime this can be a strain on the family – the faithful wife and the lovable children.

I am a happily married man of 13 years, with 4 beautiful children (Jake-10, Lucy-5, Kagan-4, Reba-2). We love to scrapbook on weekends. During one of our recent endeavors, my daughter Lucy drew this picture:

Yes, I was flattered that my 5 year old daughter did such a great job mirroring my company’s logo. But honestly, it kind of scared me. Do we as business owners really work that much that our young children notice to this degree? Are we taking away too much valuable family time, detaching ourselves from their one-and-only-childhood, by accepting that phone call, text message or video conference?

Yes, our intention is to provide for them, to secure their future. But, you know what? They don’t really know that is what we are doing. All they know is that we are somewhere else in our mind, even though we may be right in front of them with our body. This was a real eye-opener for me.

I don’t know about you, but I intend to be present in the moment when in the company of my family. That phone call or text message can wait. After all, aren’t I working to provide for them? The least I can do is provide them with my attention!

Christopher Gould – President

Gould Design Inc.