3 Ways to Add a Personal Touch in the Cyber World

We live in a world that focuses on instant gratification and results. It is important to return to a time when a personal touch meant so much. You can continue to focus on the personal side with a few easy actions. Take some time and live in the moment. Isn’t that what we did before the advent of the internet?

1. Reach out and touch someone

Old Fashioned Rotary Landline Telephone Clipart Illustration

Reach out and touch someone was a famous television commercial from the 1980’s. It still holds water and truth in today’s busy world of 2012. Taking the time to pick up a phone (not a rotary dial, but a cell phone, or even via Skype) is a great way to show that you care and it adds so much to actually hear a human voice behind the email address.

2. Help Uncle Sam and purchase a postage stamp


Proper etiquette requires that a thank you card should be mailed within a month of receiving a gift. By hand writing a thank you note, you are showing the world that you value and appreciate how and what a person did for you. Receiving a mailed note is like a surprise, and adds excitement to the daily task of opening an email.

3. Give back


Another option is to add a little token of your appreciation such as a gift certificate to a local restaurant, a gift card to a grocery store. You can make a donation to a charity that they hold close to their heart in their honor. Aunt Mary is a cancer survivor.  For her birthday, you can make a donation in her honor. This is a great way to show respect and honor to her on her special day.

If you take a little time, to show that you care, then you can help to make the world a better place, one good deed at a time. When we inject some kindness into the world, we change it. When this happens, people notice. Isn’t that really why we have the freedom of choice anyway?

Naida Gould

Owner – Gould Design, Inc.

Mother of 4 under 10