The Spring Equinox


The spring Equinox occurs on the 20th of March when the sun crosses the equator in a northerly direction signalling the end of the winter season in the Northern Hemisphere. Looking out over the Tay estuary towards Perth from Dundee today however, one could be forgiven for thinking that we are still the depths of winter due to freezing winds and blizzardous conditions. According to BBC news, we haven’t seen snow this late in March since 2008, and authorities are battling to keep major routes moving. While my colleagues in the United States speak of temperatures in the 60’s, in Scotland we are experiencing  temperatures that reach 37°F at the highest.


When one is enduring this ghastly weather there is one comfort, it can only get better. The light at the end of the long dark tunnel is now in sight with the clocks ‘springing forward’ one hour next weekend extending  daylight an hour in to the evenings.

With spring, comes the seasonal upturn in the building industry which is a welcome sight for all of us who work with in the sector. The ground, having been covered by snow and frost, begins to thaw and foundations can be built, and along with the better weather and longer days, more self-build projects can proceed.

Emerging from winter is an optimistic time for component manufacturers; enquiry levels increase and in turn orders too. Winter may have called for some staff layoffs and it’s not always easy to recall staff when required; especially if they’ve moved on. Gould Design, Inc.can help any component manufacturer if enquiry levels spike and they experience overwhelming work load, offering a whole design staff at their disposal. Raw materials must also be sourced for manufacturing products and knowing when to do this can be difficult. For example, if a large order is received and the raw materials are not in stock, delays may be incurred. It is always advantageous to keep a skeleton stock, so that a job can proceed to manufacture at any given time and before further deliveries arrive.

Reports from various sources state that the US housing market grew in 2012 by 5.7%, and one is optimistic that it continues to do so. Are you ready for the spring upturn along with the growth in the US housing market? If you are reading this as a manager or owner of a component manufacturer, contact Gould Design, Inc. today to discuss the services that can be provided before the upturn arrives.

Greg G. Watson

Design Professional – Gould Design Inc

Dundee, Scotland, UK |