What Is The Revit BIM Program And What Can It Do?

I have been using the Revit program from AutoDesk faithfully for the last 4 years. This is such a dynamic, intelligent program. No – I don’t use it every day to design houses, mechanical lines, or commercial buildings – I teach it.

When I first found out I was selected to teach Revit , I was very nervous about using such a powerful program. Why? Because it was out of my comfort zone!

In my design career, I started out as a truss designer who knew the Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) programs. Drawing an architectural plan using CAD means I have to follow through and make the changes to every location.  I was “old-school”. Drawing a window on the floor plan meant that I had to modify the elevations, the window schedule and any details that might be affected. I was soon to find out that Revit does all this (and so much more) for you instantly!

Revit is a Building Information Modeling (BIM) program. BIM allows integration unlike anything that has come before it. The power of this is simply unbelievable until you have used it yourself. But that topic is a blog all to itself! Here is a detailed image on BIM, courtesy of buildipedia.com. Refer to the full article titled “The Daily Life of Building Information Modeling” here.


Building Information Modeling is the next step in the building industry. Forward-thinking companies are starting to replace their old school CAD programs with BIM programs. Why? Simple! These incredible programs are:

  • Quicker to use
  • More accurate
  • Supply much more information to the users
  • They do it all with less clicks

I wanted to see what this program could do so I could understand the potential of the software before I started using it. I believe in taking the proactive approach to any obstacle. So I began to search for tools to help my learning curve.

There are so many resources out there to show what Revit is capable of. Far too many to list in this blog! Of course, one of the best resources out there to help new and experienced users would be the AutoDesk web site.  Here are a few of their resources that are extremely interesting:

  1. AutoDESK University – This is a great learning tool for anybody- they have online classes that you can participate if you are a AU member.  Becoming a AU member is free!  These classes are the classes that were given during the AutoDesk University that was held in Las Vegas last year.
  2. AutoDesk Communities – another free tool that you can sign up for that that has links for how to videos, blogs, and help information.
  3. My newest find is AutoDESK Revit Facebook site.  If you “like” this page, you can see what is going on with the world of Revit as they update it with information.

The internet is full of great sites to help anyone learn any BIM program. There is so much information inside Revit program that you will always be finding out something new about it. When I first started looking into how Revit works, I was amazed at all the potential I saw just from these websites. These days, we are a Google search away from practically the answer to any question we may have.

Sandy Schooley – Design Professional / Certified Revit User

Gould Design, Inc.