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Professional Development – Truss Design Tricks My Day Job Never Taught Me That GDI Did – Part 3

I have been in the truss industry for nearly 20 years – mainly as a designer.  Over the years my design skills have continued to improve and I feel confident in my abilities to take on any project out there.  That being said, I think there is the tendency for designers to fall into a certain comfort zone and design jobs a certain way – me included.


I began working with Gould Design, Inc. (GDI) about a year and half ago.  As with all new designers at GDI, I worked through the Professional Development program to become familiar with how things are done at GDI and, in my case, to get an introduction to the Canadian market.  So how has GDI helped me become a better designer?

Thinking outside the box

As I began working on some jobs, I could see that things were a little different north of the border.  All previous experience in my career was designing in the United States. The architecture was different than what I was used to seeing in my neck of the woods.  Consequently, the way the trusses were layed out differed as well.  So right from the start I had to start looking at projects from a different point of view.  In particular, the fact the trusses over 40’-0” on residential projects require that the trusses are analyzed as commercial makes you look at residential projects differently.  I have not had that concern in the states and so this was helpful in changing my overall approach to a project.

Efficiency/Time Management

The name of the game in the truss business is to get jobs done efficiently and correctly.  In working with GDI, this has certainly been underscored and has been a good challenge for me and helped hone my design skills further.  Making the most of the time that you have available is always a challenge.  My GDI experience thus far has made this even more important and I think makes you really look at how you spend your time.

New Perspectives

GDI team members come from many different professional backgrounds and locations.  It has been beneficial to be able to get some new perspectives on how others approach the design of a project.  Additionally, I have been able to pick up some new tips and tricks to use with the design software that has improved my efficiency.  Having this new input has added to my knowledge base within the industry and will prove to be beneficial moving forward. This I would not have gotten anywhere else.

Something different

As I mentioned in the opening paragraph, you can tend to get in a rut.  GDI has certainly afforded me the opportunity to be exposed to some different type of projects than I am used to seeing.  As a result, this has made me design projects differently, thereby, adding some new skills and experience that can be used in the future.

Overall, working with GDI has had a tremendously positive impact on my skills as a designer.  It has made me so much more efficient and productive. I hope that if you are in need of our services, that you take advantage of the knowledge, skills and integrity that GDI offers. Not only can we make your team more efficient, we are willing to share our secrets. And if you use them, it will actually cause you to send us less work. Now how many companies can say that?

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Bill Hoover – Design Professional

Gould Design, Inc.