Professional Development – Truss Design A Trick My Day Job Never Taught Me That GDI Did – Part 7


I have been a designer for many years, and I have worked with numerous designers.  Back when the housing industry was booming, I worked with several experienced designers that were hired through head hunting agencies.   When my employer hired designers then, they would give them a plan and have them design it.  That was how they gauged if a designer knew what he was doing.

I came to Gould Design, Inc. with a good truss design resume, and I thought I would be tested the same way.  This was not the case.  Christopher, the company President, gave me the most thorough truss designer evaluation that I have ever seen.  I am quite impressed with the time that Christopher put into this test. I see the value in testing potential designers this way.

I did well on the evaluation, and I proved I knew about designing trusses and all the details that go with truss design.  However, I was not done being tested yet.  Rather than turning me loose to design production-ready jobs for customers, Christopher put me through training.  One portion of this was a set of houses that looked easy at first glance.  Once again, Christopher surprised me.  These training jobs made me humble, and they forced me to look at designing in a whole different way.

I spent over 10 years designing in Colorado.  I knew the builders and the architects.  I always knew what I could do in each situation, and I had a lot of confidence in my design abilities.


At GDI, I have reached a whole new level.  Christopher’s training procedures and methods for integrating designers with new customers are very innovative in this field.  They enable me to adapt my techniques to so many different building styles, and so many regions.  In under a year at GDI, I believe I have gained far more than I could have in ten more years with my previous employer.

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Tyler Martinez – Project Manager

Gould Design, Inc.