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How Do You Help Those That Are Less Fortunate?

In an effort to make the world a better place, we must constantly think of others. We must find creative ways to meet their needs. We must do our part at shining some light into the world and making it a better place. Every single person on earth has this opportunity, to brighten the day of another human being if they can simply practice awareness.

With this in mind, my son, Jake Gould, is seeking to do his part. Jake will be celebrating his Bar Mitzvah in January at Chabad. (To learn more about a Bar Mitzvah, please click here for Chabad’s definition and here for Wikipedia’s). Jake has been studying and preparing for this day for nearly 2 years. Part of his “coming of age” for this life-cycle event is to undertake a “mitzvah” project (charitable cause in English terminology) and…

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